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General Information

The objective of the Radley Run Garden Club shall be to advance gardening, landscape design, flower arranging, the study of horticulture; aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources; and provide horticulturally related scholarships and education projects.

Garden Club Flower:  Magnolia soulangiana (Pronounced: Mag-nol ee- a sul-lan-ge-a-na)
The original hybrid, raised by Mr. Soulange-Bodin at Fromont, near Paris, France, first flowered in 1826. This popular, single or multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub, may spread and grow to a medium height of thirty feet. It will grow well in almost any kind of soil with a pH of 5.0-6.5 which has been supplemented with peat moss. Place the tree where there is no direct early morning sun during flowering season or a rapid thawing of blooms after a late spring frost will cause browning. Prune after flowering to remove branches that crisscross and rub on each other. 

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